Your Neighbors

Your rights stop where they interfere with your neighbors’ rights. A number of Village laws are designed to protect the rights of all residents in Sands Point from infringement by inconsiderate neighbors.


Tennis courts may not be lighted, and may not be used before 8 a.m. or after sunset. No backboards or rebounding surfaces are permitted.


It is illegal to litter in Sands Point, and anyone convicted of littering will be subject to fines of up to $250 for each day of violation or continuation of violation. Consult Village Hall and the Village codes for the definition of litter, which includes advertising handbills and flyers.


Construction (except entirely indoor alteration or repair) and the operation of certain heavy machinery are permitted only between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays and between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday. The Building Commissioner may halt Saturday activity under certain circumstances. Almost all construction requires permits. See Sections 5 and 6 for details.


No loud, unnatural, or unusual noises are permitted in the Village at any time. This is the sort of law that is generally enforced only if complaints are received, so it is a good idea to discuss with neighbors any anticipated disruptive noises. Landscaping equipment, such as leaf blowers, may only be operated from Monday through Saturday between 8 a.m. (8:30 on Saturdays) and 5 p.m., except by permit in an emergency.


Dogs may not run free in the Village, except on their owner’s own property, and they must be licensed. While off their owner’s property, dogs must be on leashes no more than 6 feet long. Dogs on the loose will be impounded by the Town Dog Warden.

It is now illegal to acquire or keep pit bull dogs and other vicious dogs in Sands Point. Such animals which were already owned by Village residents at the time this law was adopted, October 18, 1989, are strictly regulated. Vicious dogs must be registered with the Village, a sign announcing their presence must be posted on their owner's property, their owner must give the Village proof of public liability insurance for the dog, and it must be confined and restrained as required by Village Law.

These dogs and their offspring may not be sold or given to any other Village resident. Penalties for violations of the vicious dog law include fines of between $250 and $1,000 per violation and/or jail terms of up to six months for each day that a vicious dog is unregistered or otherwise not in compliance with the law. Any vicious dog that bites or attacks a person within the Village of Sands Point must be destroyed.

The keeping of other domestic animals, except for cats, is also regulated by Village law. Consult with Village Hall for details.


There is no parking along any Village roads, unless specifically permitted. Special temporary parking permits may be obtained for special occasions. See Section 8, On-Street Parking.


No excavation of more than 50 cubic yards of earth may be conducted on any property without a permit. If it is not part of a construction project for which a permit has been obtained, an excavation must have its own permit. Excavations along the shore or in marshes or wetlands are also regulated by Federal and State rules. Consult with the Village Hall or the Building Department for detailed information about excavation permits.


Landfilling and removal is rigidly and strictly regulated by Village code. Landfilling along the shore or in tidal marshes, tidal wetlands, and fresh and salt water wetlands is also regulated by the Federal and State governments.

YOU MAY NOT place or remove any boulders, rocks, soil, sand, gravel, clay, stones, quarry process, silt, bog, mud, loam, or asphalt from any sound, bay, creek, stream, river, channel, or canal, any public highway, or any marshlands without a permit.

Consult with the Village Hall or the Building Department for specific information about regulations and permits for landfilling. The Board of Zoning Appeals has jurisdiction over applications for fill permits.


Traffic, name, and "no trespass" signs, as well as signs advertising sale, lease, or rental of real estate, may not be any larger than two square feet and may not be any higher than three feet off the ground. Other regulations on the number and location of signs may be obtained in Village Hall.


Stationary outdoor fireplaces, or barbecues, may be built in side or rear yards, but must be at least 10 feet from the property lines and no taller than 8 feet. There are some prohibited locations, such as beneath the eaves of a house.


No fence may be taller than 6' 6" if it is on or within four feet of the property line, or taller than 4 feet if it is more than 4 feet from the property line. This includes man-made earth berms. They may not be located closer than 15 feet from houses or other structures. In addition, all new fences must be installed with the finished side facing the street or the neighboring property. Permits are required for installation of all fences and construction of all berms. State law requires that swimming pools be enclosed by fencing with special requirements, such as self-locking gates where the latches are within the pool enclosure (also see p. 6-6). Final surveys are required for fences installed on or near property lines.

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