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Permits are required for any public sales within the Village. Plan ahead, because the permits must be applied for at least 30 days in advance of the sale and approved by the Village Board. Only items owned by the resident-applicant may be offered for sale. These sales may be held on no more than two consecutive days. The use of loudspeakers is not permitted. Signs must conform to Village rules. Check with Village Hall for regulations, including insurance coverage needed, and application forms.


The Village of Sands Point strongly disapproves of publicly-advertised open houses. Most of the local realtors have cooperated with the Village’s position, designed to limit traffic and preserve the quiet, private character of the Village. Of course, individual prospective buyers and real estate agents may visit houses for sale at any time.


Special temporary permits issued by the Sands Point Police Department are required for any on-street parking, such as for guests at private parties or while a resident's driveway is being worked on. These permits are simple and quick to get, but must be obtained to avoid parking tickets. Parking permits will be issued only for specific times and dates, and parking is usually limited to one side of the street.

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