Sands Point Civic Association, Inc. Handbook
How to Use this Book

This handbook is designed to be a working reference tool, not a book to be read straight through once and committed to memory! It is a guide and resource for both long-time and new Sands Point residents who need to know how things work in their Village. The loose-leaf format is designed to facilitate periodic updates to keep all information current.

When you have a specific problem or question, consult this book for guidance and general information about the rules and regulations of Sands Point. It will tell you what is not permitted in the village, which activities require permits, what procedures are necessary for various kinds of construction projects a property owner may want to undertake, the proper way to deal with a variety of problems that can arise in a residential area, and other guidelines for residents and property owners.

This book is not a do-it-yourself guide and is not intended to replace professional advisors or Village officials. It is true that there are many activities residents can undertake by themselves because they are quite simple and straightforward, such as getting a permit for on-street parking during a large party. But most other endeavors -- such as putting in a swimming pool, building an addition to your house, or installing a satellite antenna -- require expert assistance of various kinds.

In addition to hiring the appropriate professionals to help you with your project, it is necessary to consult the proper Village officials. Officials and employees of the Village of Sands Point are there to serve you and the other residents. Stop in at Village Hall on Tibbits Lane; discuss your plans or concerns with the Mayor, the trustees, or the various commissioners when they are there for meetings and hearings, or call them on the telephone. They will be happy to provide you with information and guidance.

The Village code book is available for perusal at Village Hall or at the Port Washington Library. Read the Village laws governing your interests. Many are not very difficult to understand, and copies (by the page or section) of current Village laws can be purchased at Village Hall for modest fees. Village office hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.  The telephone number is 883-3044.

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