The speed limit on all roads within Sands Point is 30 miles per hour. This is enforced, and Village Police give tickets returnable in Village Court. Paying them by mail is encouraged, to reduce the Village Court case load.


No parking is permitted on any roads within the Village, except by special temporary permit. For details, see Section 8, On-Street Parking.


Most roads in Sands Point are owned by the Village. Middle Neck and Cow Neck Roads belong to Nassau County and some roads are privately owned. Roads are maintained by their owners. Sands Point’s Road Commissioner is in charge of Village roads. Check with Village hall to ascertain who owns a particular roadway.


All roads owned by the Village of Sands Point are maintained from tax levies imposed by the Board of Trustees. Hazards, obstructions, or defects on any roads should be reported to Village Hall, which will notify the owners. See information in Section 3, on the Road Commissioner. The Village provides snowplowing on private roads (if they are in plowable condition) only to insure emergency vehicle access to residents along those roads, but no other maintenance services.


Excavation or alteration of Village roads by anyone other than Village employees or their agents is prohibited except under certain conditions. Permits are required. Ask at the Village Office or consult the Road Commissioner if there is some reason that you need to open or alter a Village road.


Although one would hope that no Village resident would toss a beer can or refuse on to the shoulder of a Village road, or any other road for that matter, Village visitors, whether sightseers or workers, have been known to do so. Residents are urged to be vigilant about watching for and reporting such abuses of Village laws.

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