The Sands Point Village Police Department is a fully qualified police force. Its officers have the same powers as any other police officers, and can enforce the laws anywhere in New York State, although they restrict their work to this Village. Sands Point police are selected from the same Civil Service list as Nassau County and Port Washington Police, and must meet the same hiring requirements. They all must have at least 32 college credits to be hired, and many Sands Point officers have two- or four-year college degrees. New Sands Point Police officers spend six months in the same training as County police in the Nassau County Police Academy. In addition, Sands Point Police participate in advanced in-service training in firearms and other law enforcement techniques and information.

In addition to their own expertise, the Sands Point Police can draw upon the expertise of the Nassau County Police Department, including the Detective Squad, Missing Persons Bureau, emergency helicopter, Homicide Bureau, and other specialized branches.


Sands Point Police Headquarters is located in Village Hall on Tibbits Lane. It is open and staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and its officers and chief are there to serve and protect the residents of this Village. Officers constantly patrol the Village in cars. They urge residents to report any suspicious activities or persons, frightening noises or circumstances, threats or menacing and strange phone calls. They are also always available to answer any questions residents may have about security, safety, and law enforcement in the Village.

Much of the Department's time is spent handling complaints and violations of Village laws and traffic laws, such as loose dogs, speeding cars, noise, illegal construction, and trespassing. Since this is a small residential Village, many of the problems that come to police attention involve friction between neighbors.


The police advise residents that the best way to approach any problem with a neighbor is to talk to the neighbor about the problem. In most cases, an amicable solution can be reached by the two parties involved. If that doesn't work, however, you can call the police. If you wish the offender to go to court, you will have to sign the officer's book, indicating that you want the offender summoned. The police will then issue a summons, telling the offender who has made the complaint. A date will be set for a hearing in Sands Point Village Court. While the complainant’s presence in court is not required, he or she will have to sign an official complaint before the matter will be brought before the Village Justice. If the offender pleads guilty, the matter will be settled immediately, usually with a fine and/or instructions not to repeat the violation. If the offender pleads innocent, then a trial date will be set, and the complainant will have to appear in court.

Sands Point Police can also take action and issue summonses without a complaint, if they observe a violation taking place, but the officers may exercise their discretion in this area to make the best use of police time.

Village Vehicle and Traffic Laws are also strictly enforced by Sands Point Police. The highest speed permitted on any road in the Village is 30 mph, and police issue speeding tickets to violators.


Sands Point Police work with residents to try to prevent burglary. Free security checks of your home will be made by an officer specially trained in security; just call the department to make an appointment. Police also suggest keeping lights on and garage doors and car doors locked at night. Other burglary prevention measures include installing good alarms, having a dog that barks at strangers, keeping lights on at night, especially outside the house, and making sure the house can be seen easily from the road by patrolling police.

When you go away, lock up carefully, stop newspaper and mail delivery, and inform the police of the extent of your absence. The police will check your home visually every day and check it physically every few days during your absence. This special attention is probably the best protection you can get. Do not hesitate to notify the Police Department of even a brief absence.


Police also urge residents to take their fears and concerns seriously. If your first instinct is to call the police about an occurrence or circumstance, then do so. They would rather come to your house and be able to tell you everything is all right, than be called after a serious crime to property or person. Don't worry about looking foolish or bothering the police; that's what they are there for, to protect you and your property and the public order and welfare.

Police also advise residents driving home at night who feel they are being followed to drive directly to headquarters for assistance, rather than home. Be cautious when workmen are in the house; if they will be there for some time, keep valuable possessions out of sight or, if possible, locked up.

Police urge residents to report all suspicious telephone calls, including ones where the caller immediately hangs up. Although most of these calls are mistakes or pranks, they might be more serious.

Special services offered by the Sands Point Police also include fingerprinting children for future identification purposes and engraving identifying marks on residents’ property.


No parking is permitted on streets in Sands Point, but temporary parking permits can be obtained for special occasions, such as repair of a driveway, a large party, or another event that requires on-street parking at your residence. If you expect visitors, it is important to get a permit; otherwise your guests may get parking tickets. These permits are simple and quick to get from the Sands Point Police Department. Parking permits will be issued only for specific times and dates, and parking is usually limited to one side of the street. See section 6, page18 for restrictions on vehicle parking and storage on residential property.


During duck hunting season, Sands Point Police receive many complaints about hunters. Under certain circumstances, it is legal for persons with New York State hunting licenses and federal stamps to shoot at ducks if they are not on private property and are at least 500 feet from a residence. Hunters may shoot from their blinds at ducks over the water, or from the beach toward the water if they are standing below the high water mark. If a hunter is not in compliance with the law, Sands Point officers can call on the Nassau County Marine Bureau for assistance.

The Sands Point Police are your local law enforcement officers, whose interest is in protecting the safety and welfare of residents and their property. Stop in and visit Police Headquarters to get to know the officers, and always call when you have a problem or a question.

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