Landmark Status

Although most landmarks commissions throughout New York State follow similar guidelines, each commission operates under its own local ordinance and follows its own set of criteria. In Sands Point, structures and sites more than 50 years old and of architectural and/or historic significance are generally considered. Only the exterior of a building--that part which can be seen by the public--comes under review.

Any person or organization may request the Sands Point Village Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission to nominate a building or site as a historic site or district by submitting an application on a form available from Village Hall. The Commission itself also makes nominations.

Wild Bank (John Phillip Sousa's former residence)


Landmark Designation

After notification of the owner and neighbors, a public hearing is held by the Commission on the subject application. The Commission then votes on whether to approve the nomination. If the vote is "yes," the Commission then presents its nominee to the Village Board of Trustees, which may either reject it or designate the site or structure presented as a Sands Point Historic Landmark.

Locally, all plans for the demolition, alteration or improvement of the external features of a Village Landmark must be reviewed by the Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission. While inappropriate alterations (i.e. skylights in 18th century buildings) are not permitted, landmarks commissions usually work closely with owners in order to achieve goals in

a practical manner.  Local Landmark designation is also an important first step towards inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.

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